About Kalopasana

Kalopasana Cultural Association (E-4634, Pune) was founded by Smt Anuradha Shinde with twin aims. Firstly create a sustained interest amongsther students to learn and practice our ancient art of Bharat Natyam. Secondly, produce dance themes for eradicating social evils like destroying Flora and Fauna, cruelty towards animals and women's emancipation. Kalopasana team has presented ballets to spread the message of peace and to encourage our young generation to preserve the environment

List of Initiatives

  • Payal ki Jhankhar is a collection of dances created based on legendary singer Jagjit Singh's gazals. Jagjit Singh and Chitra were chief guests for the program
  • Aparajita - Dance Ballet Aparajita depicts Buddha's preachings of peace. The 50 min ballet using Bharatanatyam mudras using Hindi lyrics.
  • Kalapasana has been engaged by Brahmo Samaj in performing in their conferences. Kalopasana performances have been appreciated by the samaj audience since Bharatanatyam brings them closer to the source of spirituality
  • Panchakanya - A conceptual dance drama based on the mythological reality of invincible Kanyaas (virgins) from Ramayana & Mahabharata